Genwa Replacing Woo Lae Oak on Restaurant Row

Genwa Photo: Joshua Lurie

When one fancy Korean restaurant closes, another will open. Or so it was decreed long ago by the deities of prime kalbi. Genwa, the Mid-City Wilshire griller known for its premium cuts and dizzying avalanche of panchan, is taking over the former location of Woo Lae Oak, that well-dressed Korean chain that often plays host to bachelor parties and other special-occasion dinners for the set that doesn’t cross Crenshaw. New signage indicates that Genwa will open its second location at this Restaurant Row address in the coming weeks, bringing the Westside one of its only, and quite possibly its strongest, bet yet for a solid Korean barbecue option.

Genwa, 170 N. La Cienega Blvd. Beverly Hills.