Former Café Gratitude Employee Compares Co-Workers to Rob Lowe on Parks & Rec

'I'm going to have to jog while I digest this.'
'I'm going to have to jog while I digest this.'

Café Gratitude may not be in S.F.’s Mission District anymore (the company closed that and several other locations last year, but they’re still in Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and L.A.), but the Mission still remembers them and their I Am Fulfilled house salad and their I Am Comforted baked yams. As was discussed quite a bit during their legal kerfuffle of 2011, the owners encourage employees to take Landmark Forum seminars and they host Landmark-esque retreats of their own. One such former employee — and friend of Mission Mission — had an epiphany recently about all her former coworkers, whom she describes as “diet-obsessed, culty, [and] overbearingly and unrealistically optimistic”: They’re all literally exactly like Chris Traeger, the character Rob Lowe plays on Parks & Recreation.

You know, his all-time favorite food is lettuce.

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