Eli Kulp Adds Chicken Nuggets to Fork’s Menu

Nug life forever!
Nug life forever! Photo: Trevor Dixon

What’s a chef to do after wooing the Inky’s Craig LaBan with a menu full of “four bell potential?” Aim lower? On the surface that’s what Fork’s Eli Kulp appears to be doing with the roll out of, get this, chicken nuggets! But hold on a second. These nugs aren’t the usual mystery meat pressed and stamped in a factory. Rather Kulp’s crispy morsels of chicken are made in house, and with served spicy mustard and agrodolce. It’s just one of a handful of snacks he’s come up for the restaurant’s new bar menu. It’s joined by Caputo Brothers’ stracciatella toasts with charred and pickled eggplant; smoked trout caviar with dilled cucumbers and bagel chips; and raw bar plates that include seasonal oysters, surf clams, and Nantucket Bay scallops. And the snacks aren’t all that’s new at the bar.

Fork’s longtime bar manager, Guy Smith, recently revamped the cocktail offerings, too. Bubbly options include Aperol with orange bitters and sparkling wine; Cynar with Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, celery water, verjus and sparkling wine; and Martini Bianco with Lillet White, peach bitters and club soda. Citrus-based concoctions like an Earl Grey-infused gin with dry vermouth, thyme syrup and lemon zest; and Bourbon with Fernet Branca, mint, grapefruit and Peychaud’s bitters are also new. As are “Spirituous” selections like Armagnac with cassis, dry vermouth, bitters and Pernod rinse; and Scotch with Drambuie, Campari, rhubarb bitters and burnt orange. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything like those libations at Mickey D’s.