Line ’em up: Chowder Shots Are a Thing Now

Prepare for takeoff.
Prepare for takeoff. Photo: Doc Magrogan's Oyster House

Don’t get us wrong, we love shots just as much as the next boozehound aficionado. Boilermakers, flaming, Citywide Specials, pickle backs — you name ’em. We drink ’em. But chowder shots? Apparently that’s now a thing. And not only is Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House pushing them at their University City and West Chester locations, they’re ladling them out in flights of three.

Three bucks at both locations gets you a belt of a spicy Maryland crab chowder, butternut fisherman’s chowder, and a classic New England style clam chowder. For the more civilized, all three soups are also available in cups and bowls. Belly up now if you’re so inclined to throw a few back, the special runs until the end of the month.