Flavorwire Made a Helpful Golden Globes Cocktails Guide

How to make an "Argo Bomb."
How to make an "Argo Bomb." Photo: Flavorwire

And the instructions for the hot “Downton Toddy” include stirring “while making snide remarks.” The “Argo Bomb” is made with a pint of Iranian lager and a shot of Canadian whisky, while the formidable “Zero Dark Thirty” entails draining ten ounces from the malt liquor of your choosing and topping it off with pitch-black Coke Zero. “This concoction is literally a ‘Zero Dark Thirty,’” notes writer-designer Jennifer Lewis, adding that while it has “nothing to do with the movie,” it “doubles as a Girls beverage.” If your liquor cabinet is stocked, Flavorwire has got you covered for Sunday night’s ceremony. [Flavorwire]