La Newyorkina Has Launched a Kickstarter Campaign

Photo: Kickstarter

Chances are you’ve eaten something made by the illustrious Fany Gerson, who makes ice pops called paletas and sells Mexican sweets under the name La Newyorkina. She is a fixture at local markets, sells paletas on the High Line, creates the doughnuts at Dough, and is now planning a menu of baked goods for the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. Moreover, Gerson is a supporter of her small-batch food-producing peers, lending advice and even kitchen space to vendors who are starting out. Unfortunately, the chef lost her Red Hook production kitchen to Hurricane Sandy, and now she’s looking to rebuild. In the video ahead, Gerson explains that she’s rebuilding and looking specifically to buy a paletera machine. Check out the Kickstarter campaign, which really comes with lots of great incentives, straight ahead, and help keep the ice pops coming.

Help Rebuild La Newyorkina’s Kitchen [Kickstarter]