Evan Funke’s Porchetta Parks on Pennsylvania

Funke and his porchetta truck
Funke and his porchetta truck Photo: Zach Brooks/Midtown Lunch

Evan Funke’s porchetta sandwiches may be the must-have dish of the season. At the least, the city hasn’t been this excited about a food truck since 2009. But until today, the former Rustic Canyon chef’s six-dollar porker has been a little elusive, running around town on secret missions and popping up at Wine Expo on Friday nights. Today, Midtown Lunch reports that the truck now has a semi-permanent place on 26th and Pennsylvania, found in this stretch of Santa Monica at least three times a week.

Furthermore, though there are no plans to put the porchetta on the menu at Funke’s forthcoming Bucato this spring, the sandwich might make a triumphant return in the summer when the ambitious Italian begins lunch service. Until then, track it on Twitter and set your compass Westward. [Midtown Lunch]