Ela and Le Viet Running Chicken Wing Specials In Spite of Shortages

Wing-a-ding ding!
Wing-a-ding ding!

There’s no saying what this chicken wing shortage means for next week’s Wing Bowl. With El Wingador sitting this one out, we suppose the annual gross-out can get by just fine with a few hundred less precious poultry appendages. But what we do know is, neither Le Viet nor Ela received the memo about their scarcity. Both will be flapping wings like nobody’s business come Super Bowl Sunday. Le Viet is serving up wings for free at its bar throughout the game. They’ll have a bunch of beers and cocktails on for cheap, too. The wings start flying at 6 p.m. Meanwhile, over in Queen Village, Ela’s going to try its hand at take-out, offering its take on wings to go.

Chef and co-owner Jason Cichonski and his crew will have four varieties to choose from, including honey-truffle, smoked mustard, soy caramel, and housemade hot sauce. Ten bucks gets you a baker’s dozen, plus some cornbread. Orders must be phoned-in in advance.

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