Buildings Department Holding Hearing About Mission Chinese Food’s Patio

Mission: Impossible – The DOB.
Mission: Impossible – The DOB. Photo: Melissa Hom

Danny Bowien’s popular restaurant is getting criticized by people and forces other than Eddie Huang. The enclosure for the patio at Mission Chinese is allegedly made from a potentially flammable combination of plastic, wood, and tar paper, Bowery Boogie notes, citing a “concerned tipster” and a complaint. The Department of Buildings, which has given the space over 26 violations going back to 2004, is holding a hearing tomorrow to review the roof. Most violations predate the restaurant, which opened last May, and had previously been resolved. To complicate matters, the Orchard Street building’s owner only has a temporary Certificate of Occupancy, which does not cover the rear space. [Earlier, Bowery Boogie]