Dishcrawl Returns to Wicker Park January 29


We mentioned Dishcrawl a while back as one of several social-food outfits which have launched in recent times to help people meet other food-interested folks and explore the Chicago dining scene. We’re always happy when the first event of such startups is actually followed by more, and Dishcrawl will be back in a couple of weeks for its third event in Wicker Park (we’re also told that they’re hard at work on an itinerary for another neighborhood soon). $45 gets you a tour that will take you to tastings at four different restaurants, all food included; the restaurants are secret until you meet up, though we are informed that one of them is a place putting a new, artisanal spin on one of Chicago’s classic foods (rhymes with Novo Spiros). And for a limited time, you can knock $5 off the already modest price with the offer code “grubstreet.” To find out more and get tickets, go here.