L.A.’s Foul-Mouthed Restaurants Get Called Out

Ew. Photo: Muddy Leek

LAist rounds up what it thinks are the most inappropriate restaurant names in Los Angeles this week, a list that includes the truly distasteful (Muddy Leek, Toe Bang) to the overly-sensitive (Fishing With Dynamite, FOOD) to the names that ensure we’ll never eat there (ROFL Cafe). Somehow, Gorge didn’t make the list, nor did our favorite sassy standbys like Big Wang’s, Pinches Tacos, Bastard’s, Poom Thai, the various mispronunciations of Wurstkuche, or the very short-lived idea of a bistro named Oral. But at least this list of foul nomenclature doesn’t even broach the subject of those filthy-mouthed food trucks. [LAist]