David LeFevre Does Not Endorse Actual Fishing With Dynamite

LeFevre at the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival 2012
LeFevre at the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival 2012 Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Following last week’s news that M.B. Post’s David LeFevre is opening a new 30-seat seafood restaurant called “Fishing With Dynamite,” the chef finds himself with just a little splainin’ to do. Easy Reader reports that only a very stupid small crowd is expressing concerns about the name, but still the LeFevre explains, “I take food very seriously and our guests very seriously but not myself seriously. Fishing with dynamite is used sometimes to say something is a no-brainer, an obvious choice. If you look at my previous and current bodies of work, you will see that I am incredibly concerned about sustainability…so I’m not saying anybody should fish like that.”

Whew! What a relief. Of course, anyone who knows the former Water Grill chef’s dedication to the sea would already know this, but this should alleviate the concerns of anyone afraid of finding shrapnel on the half-shell when the new place opens this spring.

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