Early Morning Highway Crash Demonstrates the Dangers of Soda

Cause for alarm?
Cause for alarm? Photo: iStockPhoto

Whether or not bans and taxes imposed upon sugar-sweetened soft drinks will actually help curb spiking obesity numbers remains to be seen, but nonetheless the dangers of soda were on full display early this morning near Reading, PA. Law enforcement officials there shut down a stretch of Route 422 near Interstate 176 for five hours after two tractor-trailers collided. One of the trailers involved was hauling the fizzy, sweet stuff, Reading Eagle reports. The crash sent the truck’s sugary payload streaming out across the roadway. Since temperatures were in low twenties, it froze upon contact. Police were forced to close off the highway until PennDot crews could be dispatched to de-ice the road. The other truck involved, which strangely enough was packed with candy, suffered only minor damage. Thanks heavens it wasn’t hauling Pop-Rocks. [Reading Eagle]