Coke Bust Shuts El Wingador Out of Wing Bowl

El Wingador with Wing Bowl in his rear-view.
El Wingador with Wing Bowl in his rear-view. Photo: Michael Persico

For the first time since Wing Bowl’s inception 15 years ago, five-time champion Bill “El Wingador” Simmons won’t be on hand for the annual binge, purge and stripper-ogling extravaganza when the whole mess unfolds on February 1. And you better believe that the big coke bust back in June that netted the golden-mulleted professional glutton has everything to do with his wings being clipped. Angelo Cataldi, morning host on 94 WIP, which sponsors the gorge-fest, told Daily News columnist Dan Gross that Wingador’s presence at competitive eating contest “could invite negativity that we don’t want.” Always the class act, Cataldi added, “There will never be a time when I don’t acknowledge his benefit” to Wing Bowl. [Philly Gossip]

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