Cocktails on Tap Drafted By Eveleigh and The Churchill

We support anything that gets liquor to our lips faster
We support anything that gets liquor to our lips faster Photo:

Standing out among today’s lamer trends (like putting stuff on toast and finding new ways to shock and awe us with bacon) arrives something we can believe in. Squid Ink cites the local rise of cocktails on draft, which are just making their way to L.A. from the East Coast, Mid-West, and parts up north. Eveleigh’s Kiowa Bryan is using one of the restaurant’s vestigial taps to serve Negronis with blood orange shrub, while Mia Sarazen is serving Manhattans through the taps at The Churchill. The benefit of these tap-tails to us drinkers? Less fussy prep wasting your precious drinking time while you stand at the bar watching a guy in suspenders juggle the tweezers. And, as Bryan explains about his Negroni, “I think it mellows it out a little bit; it just meshes the flavors together because they’re incorporating together for a longer period of time.”

We’re intrigued! Anything that gets the booze to our lips with greater speed is nothing but a positive development. Now place your bets on how long it takes before college kids turn these draft drinks into some scary, biology-violating party-foul?

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