Slideshow: See Christina Tosi and Other Top Pastry Chefs at the Trenchermen

Christina Tosi. Photo: Huge Galdones

It wasn’t billed as an international pastry-chef summit, but that’s what we’d call it when a place that doesn’t even have a pastry chef, per se, manages to attract stars such as Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar in New York, Rosio Sanchez of Noma in Copenhagen, and Dana Cree of Blackbird in Chicago to hang out for a night. The event was called Killing Me Sweetly, held for charity at the Trenchermen. In keeping with chef-owners’ Mike and Pat Sheerin’s own inclinations to blur the lines between savory and sweet, each of the star pastry chefs (plus an up-and-comer of their choice to assist) was invited to collaborate on both a sweet and a savory course. Which means this is your chance to see what dessert stars like Tosi do with something better suited to a dash of mustard than a dollop of whipped cream. Our man Huge Galdones was there last Thursday night; here’s what he saw.