NFL Studio’s Chris Berman Spotted at Presidio Social Club; Garrison Keillor Dines at Ella’s

Berman Photo: Getty Images

It’s the apex of football season right now, and the Niners are in the Super Bowl! Yay! So, one of our celebrity sightings this past week was sportscaster and NFL studio host Chris Berman, who was spotted at Presidio Social Club enjoying dinner with a group of old friends. He apparently had the meatloaf, and a glass of Chardonnay. Sadly for Colin Kaepernick fans, he seems to do most of his eating down in San Jose.

Also, two weeks ago, Tablehopper reports on a sighting of NPR celebrity and author Garrison Keillor, who was spotted dining at Ella’s (500 Presidio Avenue). [Tablehopper]

And Emilio Estevez popped up a few places around Sonoma recently, including the Francis Ford Coppola winery in Geyserville. Estevez, as we’ve heard, is a wine-making hobbyist himself, and has been bottling wine from grapes that he grows outside his Malibu home. [Tablehopper]