Here’s How New York Chefs Beat the Flu

Tosi drinks Lipton with Stroh Rum, honey.
Tosi drinks Lipton with Stroh Rum, honey. Photo: David J. Fred/Wikimedia

Still feeling sniffly? In addition to cooking the food that will expedite your recovery, line cooks and restaurant people possess a great knowledge of on-the-fly remedies. Fork in the Road polled chefs and restaurateurs for their go-to elixirs: Akhtar Nawab of La Esquina drinks a mug of ginger, basil, hot water, and honey; Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi over-steeps Lipton tea and adds rum and lemon; Masato Shimizu of 15 East chases four ounces of hot sake with a serviceable, heaping spoonful of raw egg and salmon roe. [FiTR/Village Voice, Earlier]