Chè Chè Chè Serving Sweets Beside Brodard in Little Saigon

Chè Chè Chè, now open next to Brodard, in Little Saigon
Chè Chè Chè, now open next to Brodard, in Little Saigon Photo: Joshua Lurie

First the bad news: This is not some cool Argentine remix of that Paul McCartney-Michael Jackson collaboration. The Little Saigon sweet shop, recently opened beside popular Brodard Restaurant, is primarily dedicated to chè, the wide range of pliant, chilled Vietnamese desserts that encompass a huge selection of syrup-saturated fruits, legumes, and veggies, typically served in the form of a sugary jelly or custard in a glass or cup in unique mash-ups that variously combine elements of gelatin, pudding, chilled soup, and parfait. Chè abounds in Garden Grove and Westminster, but the newly opened Chè Chè Chè’s most notable asset might come down to its selection and atmosphere. There are a nearly 20 chè choices among the all-Vietnamese menu, along with comfortable wooden seating in a modern set-up that features a customizable chè bar.

Chè varieties include well-trod formulations with tropical fruits like mango, lychee, coconut, and passion fruit, as well as sweet and savory varieties involving multiple bean types, sweet rice, and sweet corn. In addition, there are desserts on hand like stuffed tapioca soup, including those packed with coconut and barbecued pork. Chè Chè Chè also carries hot dishes like chicken rice, roast pork sweet balls, fried tempura bananas, sticky rice, as well as a selection of milk tea and boba.

So far, the newbie is garnering a lot of talk between Little Saigon regulars while a flurry of Yelp comments are yielding the restaurant three out of five stars. So far, its fans applaud the chè menu, many of the savory dishes, and the seating arrangement, while foes are troubled by the inaccessibility to non-Vietnamese speakers.

Che Che Che, 9902 Westminster Ave. Ste B. Garden Grove; 714-539-9744.