Candela Candela Will Reopen As Organika

Will they keep the old photos?
Will they keep the old photos? Photo: Courtesy of Candela Candela

Earlier this week, it seemed that the Mermaid Inn in the East Village was expanding its footprint into the home of the Italian-Cuban restaurant next door, Candela Candela, which appeared to be closed permanently. It turned out, however, that the Mermaid Inn is actually just expanding the length and general awesomeness of it happy hour, and the happiness in general continues today with the news that while Candela Candela is actually closed, its owners will replace the restaurant with a pizza parlor called Organika that will incorporate whole grains like farro and kamut into the dough and top its pies with local produce. Co-owner Shai Zvibak tells the Local East Village that the restaurant will also serve fresh-pressed juices and feature an organic wine list when it reopens in about three weeks’ time. [LEV/NYT, Earlier]