Burger King Unveils Brand-New Menu of Fried Things

Boo-ya! Photo: Burger King

“Will Burger King brink back cheesy tots?” some intrepid fast-food eater asked the void otherwise known as Yahoo! Answers a few years ago, lamenting that “bk states have it your way but my way was with cheesy tots.” Well, good news for you today, Jiggy35! The fast-food chain has brought the tots back, along with a new dessert, a riff on the flourless chocolate cake called “Molten Fudge Bites.” (Somewhere, Jean-Georges Vongerichten has fainted onto a mound of heirloom radishes.) Burger King is now also offering something called a “Philly Chicken Sandwich,” which no one in Philadelphia eats, and, finally, tempura-battered chicken nuggets, which will replace Burger King’s chicken strips, which are being taken out of service, the Post reports. “They look like McNuggets,” it notes. “They’re as nutritious as McNuggets.” That’s because they are probably manufactured the same way as McNuggets. [NYP, Earlier]