Boba 7 Serving Spiked Boba Tea at Downtown’s Soi 7

Boba 7
Boba 7 Photo: Puncuated/Flickr

If hot smoothies sound a little too tame to end your day on, Squid Ink spreads the word about alcoholic boba tea appearing in Downtown. Elton Keung, a former intern at Starry Kitchen, recently helped to open Boba 7, what he calls his “Lababatory,” in back of Thai restaurant Soi 7 with a quick $2,000 charge to his credit card. Though he frankly tells the blog, “Boba doesn’t really go well with most alcohol,” the USC alumni engineered a menu of truly original boba drinks, both boozy and dry, including a take on horchata, green tea Heineken, a Design-It-Yourself libation with boba and soju called “The Mad Scientist,” and a milk tea involving honey boba, Irish cream, and Kahlua. New drinks in the works include a “Barack Bobama” and of course, the “Linsanitea.” [SI]