Jonathan Kauffman Knows Where All the Best Noodles Are

Mr. Kauffman
Mr. Kauffman Photo: Courtesy of Tasting Table

For those of you who, like us, are sometimes overwhelmed by the vast array of terrific, and not-so-terrific, little Asian holes in walls all over town and don’t have a solid grasp on where to go for what, critic Jonathan Kauffman is here to help. He just pinch-hit a piece in San Francisco Magazine that provides a roundup of the best of the best in various noodle micro-categories, from the best bun rieu (Soup Junkie), to the best Chinese tan-tan noodles (Happy Golden Bowl in El Cerrito). He notes that “ramen is the category with the highest stakes” right now, and he calls out Orenchi Ramen in Santa Clara and the new Men Oh in the Richmond for their excellent takes on tonkotsu. [SF Mag]