Who Has the Best Chilaquiles in S.F.?

Chilaquiles, sans egg, at Mamacita.
Chilaquiles, sans egg, at Mamacita. Photo: HeardAbout via Foodspotting

A recent roundup of where to find one of our favorite breakfast dishes in Sonoma restaurants got us thinking about where we might score ourselves some chilaquiles this weekend here in S.F. MenuPages provides the answers, and we’ll say right off that Nopalito does a very good version of the egg-over-saucy-chips dish at brunch with green onion and queso fresco sprinkled on top. Starbelly does a nice one too, with chorizo, again only at brunch. Mamacita’s version looks really pretty but we don’t see an egg on there. And we’re eager to try chilaquiles with pork belly at Presidio Social Club, and what are likely fine versions at Little Chihuahua and Taqueria Vallarta as well. Please report back, dear readers, with your own nominees.