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Bartenders Talk Hard Shakes, Good Beats

Sean Hoard of Teardrop: also a hard shaker.

Sean Hoard of Teardrop: also a hard shaker.Photo: Courtesy of Full Picture

Three Beltway-area bartenders talk about what they listen for when they fill their Boston shakers with liquor and ice and vigorously throttle the sealed contents. It turns out that making better cocktails is sometimes based on sound cues coming from, say, the egg proteins wiggling around in your Ramos gin fizz or the Kold-Draft ice cubes breaking apart like glaciers inside a miniature pisco sour sea. "You find where your rhythm is, and you find your beat," says Buffalo & Bergen owner Gina Chersevani. "Then you know when the drink is ready to go." It's Friday — go get into the groove. [NPR]


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