Anthony Mangieri Talks Dedication, Slow Nights, and Why He Won’t Serve a Salad

Mangieri back in his NY days.
Mangieri back in his NY days. Photo: Hannah Whitaker/NY Mag

Una Pizza Napoletana burst onto the S.F. scene two years ago, after renowned New York pizzaiolo Anthony Mangieri decided to move his entire operation out here to start a family and improve his life. He’s a passionate, ascetic, Zen-like master of the form, having started perfecting his craft in New Jersey over two decades ago, at a time when Americans still didn’t know a Neapolitan pie from Pizza Hut. The Chron just published a new profile of him, two years in, and he admits that the buzz and long lines have died down somewhat since his first year here, despite his still making arguably the best pizza in the city. “Dude, there are nights in here now when we’re just standing here doing nothing and people call, all in a panic and ask how long is the wait. And we’re like, there’s two customers!” Mangieri has notoriously stubborn about his operation, insisting on a pizza-only menu and only opening four nights a week, Wednesday to Saturday, but he says it simply isn’t worth it to him to complicate things by adding, say, a salad or dessert to the mix. “I’m not doing it, because it’s not the right thing,” he insists. [Chron, Earlier]