Anna Roth Says M.Y. China Is Decent, If Overpriced; Miller Reviews Bars With Bites


The Weekly’s Anna Roth takes on Martin Yan’s M.Y. China this week, and she begins with the obvious: It’s in a mall, and the prices are astronomical compared to similar fare in Chinatown. That said, she finds “the occasional pleasant surprise,” like the wild boar scissor-cut noodles, which she calls “one of the best dishes on the menu,” and the kung pao Dungeness crab, which at $42 is “worth it if you can swing it.” And it’s really the prices that make everything a little less enjoyable — like a side dish of garlicky pea shoots which, at $16, seemed a little less delicious. [SF Weekly]

At the Guardian, Virginia Miller is rounding up a few of her favorite cocktail spots with bar bites. Namely, she’s a big fan of Rich Table’s new bar manager Jason “Buffalo” LoGrasso (formerly of Quince and Cotogna), especially his Carnegie Martini. It’s based on the flavors of a pastrami sandwich from New York’s Carnegie Deli, using St. George’s Dry Rye Gin as a base, Combier’s Doppelt Kummel Extra liqueur (a caraway liqueur), drops of mustard oil, and a pickle garnish. She also loves “the precision and finesse” of Carlo Splendorini’s drinks at Michael Mina, and Michael Lazar’s new winter cocktails at Hog & Rocks. [SFBG]