Alpana Singh Leaving Check, Please; Replacement To Be Named Soon


It was suspected as soon as she became involved in the opening of a new restaurant, The Boarding House (a conflict of interest, ultimately, though apparently a distant enough one that WTTW didn’t act immediately), and it was hard to read this morning’s tweet from Alpana Singh as meaning anything else:

Each great bottle must come to must come to an end. We are left with the memories created while drinking it.

But Crain’s is now reporting it (no doubt the reason for the preemptive tweet) and Check, Please producer David Manilow effectively confirmed it in a tweet, saying that an announcement of Singh’s replacement would be coming shortly. So: after ten years as host, Alpana Singh is leaving the popular restaurant reviewing show Check, Please, though WTTW says they hope she’ll still contribute wine commentary to Chicago Tonight. UPDATE: Singh has a blog post here. [Crain’s]