AAA Picks Awfully Familiar List, But Does Manage To Eat at Next


On the one hand, AAA’s Five Diamond list for Chicago could have been the list from ten years ago, if not for the absence of Charlie Trotter’s. On the other hand, at least AAA managed to eat at Next, unlike Michelin. The guys who change the flat when you pop one of the other guy’s tires released their five diamond choices today, which are Alinea, Arun’s, Everest and Tru. Next is the sole new addition to the four diamond list, which has 15 Chicago restaurants and two in the suburbs: Blackbird, Boka, Courtright’s (Willow Springs), L2O, Les Nomades, Lockwood, MK, Moto, NAHA, Next, NoMI, Shanghai Terrace, Sixteen, Spiaggia, Tallgrass (Lockport), Topolobampo, and the in-fact-already-closed Zealous. As for, say, Acadia, Balena, Elizabeth, Girl & the Goat, Goosefoot, Nellcôte, Yusho, etc. etc.? Let’s not rush into anything, guys. [AAA]