The Beer Temple Is Serious About Beer, and Video Podcasting

Photo: courtesy The Beer Temple

A number of people have written about The Beer Temple, the new beer store in Logan Square or Avondale or whatever the corner of Elston, California and Belmont would be, run by owner Chris Quinn and his wife Margery. For instance, Julia Thiel at the Reader, and Thrillist here. Quinn may have set a new record for seriousness in the retailing of malt beverages, at least locally, by going to the Siebel Institute and become a certified cicerone. But the other thing we learned from Thiel’s piece that blew us away is that Quinn does video podcasts about beer. As in the most recent one is #158. And these are not short podcasts, either; the current one is over 20 minutes of Quinn sitting there discussing the various qualities of the brews before him. We have something new to listen to while doing the dishes, clearly; below you can check out the latest one, the first one actually shot in the store, as he talks about new entry into the Chicago market Deschutes Brewery.

Deschutes - Episode #158 from The Beer Temple on Vimeo.