7x7 Unveils a New and Different Big Eat List

Rich Table's sardine chips.
Rich Table's sardine chips. Photo: Alanna Hale/Grub Street

For this year’s annual revision of 7x7’s Big Eat list, a.k.a., “100 Things to Try Before You Die,” they overhauled things and jettisoned some of the standards that had stuck on the list for several years running, under the new editorship of Lady Tablehopper, Marcia Gagliardi. There are a total of 80 new dishes on there, some of which are just new items from restaurants that already had spots on the list, and some are brand new, like the sardine chips at Rich Table, the “state bird with provisions” at State Bird Provisions, and the margherita pizza at Una Pizza Napoletana (former editor Sara Deseran was more of a fan of Pizzeria Delfina). Gagliardi may have stepped away from her part-time role at the magazine, but this project was still in the hopper, so to speak, since the fall. For comparison, check out the 2012 list, and the 2011 list, which contain plenty of must-eat standards, like the sand dabs at Tadich Grill, and the focaccia at Liguria Bakery. [7x7]