Wursthaus Schmitz Gets the Go-Ahead to Cook and Serve Hot Food

If the Haus is a'rocking…
If the Haus is a'rocking… Photo: Wursthaus Schmitz

The wurst case scenario for today’s lunch? Grabbing one of the five specialty sandwiches now being offered at Wursthaus Schmitz. The Reading Terminal Market stand spun out of South Street’s perennially popular Brauhaus Schmitz got the go-ahead yesterday to begin cooking and serving hot food. Though opened since early November, the market’s home for German imports and tubed, smoked and cured meats, has been stuck with one foot in limbo, while awaiting installation of its hood and final inspections. With those setbacks cleared, the Haus will start rocking its highly anticipated hot offerings today. Keep reading to check out the menu.

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