6 Videos That Showed You— And Us— Something We’re Glad We Saw

Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

It’s the last day of a quiet work week, in which we’ve been doing our part to help you while away the hours by digging up cool stuff from 2012, the year in food at Grub Street Chicago. Today, we’re putting up six of our favorite videos that we produced for Grub Street Chicago— from Jared Van Camp showing off his in-house flour mill at Nellcôte, to Jean Joho remembering Julia Child. Check those out below, and if you missed them, be sure to check out our favorite food photos of the year and our most memorable interview quotes.

Paul Kahan, three days before the opening of Publican Quality Meats:

Jared Van Camp showing off the flour mill he bought for Nellcôte, and explaining why you’d want to mill your own flour in a restaurant:

On the occasion of her 100th birthday, Jean Joho remembers his friend Julia Child:

Cutting cheese at 4th generation Randolph Street market J.P. Graziano’s:

Curtis Duffy and Michael Muser explain how Grace is designed invisibly to facilitate the highest level of service:

Gene Kato’s artistic inspiration for Sumi Robata Bar:

6 Videos That Showed You— And Us— Something We’re Glad We Saw