Urbano Pizza Bar Moving To New Grounds After December 22

Photo: Urbano

Urbano Pizza Bar is on the move, Jessica “The Enabler” Gelt, announces in The L.A. Times. Not only is the current Downtown location of this informal Italian taking up new turf at an unannounced address, closing the original in the process, but the ACME Bar Group that owns and operates it, could be taking the fight to Pitfire with a possible expansion to several new locations in the years to come. The current location of Urbano will be used for a new project, to be called Sixth Street Tavern (or did you expect something more original from the owners of one of L.A.’s two separate Library Bars?), opening sometime in the new year. A staffer with Urbano tells us that the current business will be serving until December 22nd. [LAT]