United States of Bacon Taking on Jake’s Sandwich Board’s Turbacon

Turbacon Photo: Jake's Sandwich Board

Topping Anthony Bourdain’s just aired Philadelphia episode of The Layover is surely one tall order, but for what it’s worth, the cast and crew from Discovery’s Destination America channel are touching down here on Thursday to shoot a segment for their show United States of Bacon. And on the top of their shot list is a stop at the gallery of gluttony known as Jake’s Sandwich Board. There the show’s host Chef Todd Fisher will tackle the quick-serve’s Turbacon sandwich. That’s their sandwich that’s piled high with enough turkey, bacon, cranberry-apple spread, brown gravy and crispy potato pancakes to set a defibrillator on fire. Cameras will be rolling between noon and 2 p.m. There’s no word yet on when the spot will air, but new episodes of the show will begin showing on December 30.