Umami Wants Its ‘End of the World’ Burger To Be Your Last Meal on Earth

The end of your digestive health, if not the planet
The end of your digestive health, if not the planetPhoto: Umami Burger

Let’s face it. If the world was ending today, you might as well ball out and go to Providence, spend your savings at N/Naka, or bum-rush LudoBites before you meet your maker. Saving your last meal for an experimental burger with corn relish might be a little risky to go out on. But this isn’t stopping Umami Burger from getting in on today’s apocalypse hype, releasing an “End of the World” burger that throw Central American flavors like mole, queso fresco, and corn relish atop coffee-braised short rib and your standard-issue Umami patty (the same toppings are also offered on fries). The burger is available today, and if we don’t all disappear into the great big ring of fire, possibly through the weekend at most Umami locations.