Heartless Jerks Ripped Off Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop’s Toys For Tots Collection Bin

Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop
Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop Photo: Courtesy Chestnut Hill Dish

For the past 20 or so holiday seasons Dan Weiss, owner of the Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop, has kept a bin outside his store for neighbors, customers and passersby to drop off donations for Toys For Tots. In two-plus decades he’s done so without incident. Until last week, according to the Inky. That’s when some heartless spoilsport skipped off with the entire haul. Weiss is reportedly shocked by the theft. Honestly, we’re shocked that the noble and selfless effort on the cheesemonger’s part has never been sidelined by greedy jerks until this point. [Inquirer]