T.G.I. Friday’s Really Isn’t Taking This Mayan Prophecy Thing Seriously

Photo: http://www.tgifridays.com

Last week, T.G.I. Friday’s unveiled their special apocalypse menu, dubbed “the Last Friday,” featuring a Pop Rocks–rimmed margarita and a predictable array of Jack Daniel’s–addled steaks and cake. The chain has even posted a doom-mongering ad with flashing Mayan imagery and Carlson Restaurants’ Nick Shepherd proffering a jumbo martini. (“I’m no Nostradamus,” he says.) The only family-friendly dining experience we’d like to endure during an actual apocalypse, however, is the chipper one at Friday’s clone Frendsy’s in Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. Also, Friday’s wouldn’t have just applied for a liquor license in the old Rosie O’ Grady’s space for a new restaurant in an already saturated market if they really wanted us to think it was all about to end. Or would they? [SLA, Earlier]