Suburbanites Terrorized By Giant Weiner Strongman From Sky

Photo: courtesy Superdawg via Twitter

UPDATE: It seems we misunderstood what the tweeting of these photos meant and they’re actually from a couple of years ago and the Wheeling location has been open for a while. Oh well, still cool photos…. Possibly the greatest food photo in the history of Chicago was tweeted yesterday by the official account of Superdawg, the beloved northwest-side drive-in hot dog stand, which has been opening opened a Wheeling location for a couple of years now a couple of years ago. The photo shows the hoisting of Maurie, one half of the hot dog duo who stands atop the restaurant in Tarzan getup, beckoning passersby with glowing red eyes as well as the affections of Flaurie, his better half. At 18 feet, the new Superdawgs are 3 feet taller than the pair that have stood atop the Milwaukee and Devon location for half a century. See more pics of the Raising of the Superdawg at the Superdawg Twitter feed here (and if you’re in the mood for more Superdawg-related media, check out Bob Sirott’s remembrance of his career in Friday’s Sun-Times, in which Superdawg and the Duchess of York appear in the same item). (h/t Michael Nagrant)