Sunday Morning Flood Hits 18th Street Gourmet Ghetto

The scene outside Tartine Bakery on Sunday morning around 8 a.m.
The scene outside Tartine Bakery on Sunday morning around 8 a.m. Photo: Elisabeth Prueitt/Facebook

The little valley of 18th Street in the Mission, which catches rain runoff from Dolores Park and Dolores Street, was deluged with several inches of rain during the storm Sunday morning, and pretty much all the food businesses between Dolores and Guerrero were affected in some way. Most escaped significant damage, though Tartine Bakery had to quickly drain and bleach the bakery floor and may ultimately need to replace it. Pizzeria Delfina was able to open on time Sunday after a little Monday morning mopping (“It’s built like a shower stall, so it wasn’t much of a problem,” says Delfina rep Ashley Bellview). The storm did knock out Delfina’s water heater, however, so they were not able to open the restaurant Sunday night. We understand Bi-Rite Market lost some inventory (they posted this dramatic Instagram photo on Sunday with the caption “Row, row, row your boat to Bi-Rite”), though it was not a huge loss, and they were able to open. All told, in what will hopefully turn out to be the season’s biggest rain storm, everyone got pretty lucky. But if climate change means more winter rain like this, 18th Street may be needing some more sandbags. [Grub Street]