What Does Local Food Mean on an Island in the Caribbean?

Merlin Verrier in St. Croix.
Merlin Verrier in St. Croix. Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

Last spring, as our alter ego Sky Full of Bacon, we were invited— along with Graham Elliot chef Merlin Verrier and a host of other chefs and press people— to the St. Croix Food and Wine Experience in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Often these kinds of upscale events held at resorts get about as close to the real places they’re set in as a moon base does. That wasn’t the case here, with chefs like Verrier and Puerto Rico’s Roberto Trevino sourcing locally and even arranging for things to be grown in advance for them at ARTFarm, a local farm dedicated to increasing the amount of local produce used by the restaurants that serve the upscale tourists and retirees who come to the island. But that was only the beginning point for our examination of local food on St. Croix, which takes in everything from an organic farm devoted to both land and sea stewardship, to a cattle ranch, to a rainforest bar famous for beer-drinking pigs. (Don’t worry, they drink non-alcoholic beer.) Watch our half-hour exploration of locavorism in paradise, “Little Green Island,” below.

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