Stable Café Still Recovering From Early December Flood


The Stable Café has had not one but two major floods this year, and the most recent happened after the big rain on December 2 that also flooded the nearby gourmet ghetto of 18th Street. Chef Joshua Skenes tells us it was a fine goodbye as he and his crew had just closed Saison and finished packing up the night before. (The restaurant, as we’ve reported, is in the process of moving in to 178 Townsend Street, where construction is just about complete and the restaurant is set to reopen this month, and they previously had to close for several days at the Folsom Street location in April due to a flood.) As Mission Local now tells us, The Stable Café is keeping some irregular hours as city workers continue to make repairs to the building’s plumbing and sewage systems. Also, customers are a little squeamish about the fact that the floor’s now been soaked with sewage for the second time this year, and any prospective tenants in the Saison space out back are likely to be a bit nervous about the place being so flood-prone — the café was also shut down in 2009 after a big rain and subsequent flood. [Mission Local]