Sonic Is Coming To Uptown


Uptown Update has the story: Sonic, the vaguely nostalgic drive-in burger chain which was founded as Top Hat in the 1950s, was a minor regional chain through the 70s, but shot nationwide after a leveraged buyout in 1986, is coming to Chicago. (There are already locations scattered around the suburbs.) Usually the barrier for such chains— especially a drive-in— coming into the city is that they can’t find the space to plop down their standard footprint, but Sonic is taking over a spot in Uptown at Kenmore and Wilson which has been an empty lot since 1980. According to Uptown Update, they were attracted by the development in the Truman Square area, notably the new Target and the L stop, and plan to hire between 60 and 100 employees, nearly all from the Uptown area. Ourselves, we’re looking forward to finally having a Plains-states-style Cherry Limeade closer than Franklin Park. [Uptown Update]