Soba Sojibo to Build 100 U.S. Outlets in Ten Years

Can the U.S. Handle 100 Soba Shops
Can the U.S. Handle 100 Soba Shops Photo: Soba Sojibo

Sojibo’s US management just casually dropped a bombshell! Gourmet Kineya group, Sojibo’s parent company headquartered in Japan, has established an expansion goal of 100 restaurants in America in the next ten years. Apparently the newly opened Sawtelle branch is just the tip of the iceberg. With Red Mango’s expansion disaster still fresh on everyone’s mind one can only hope Sojibo will be more studious and stick to its business plan. Hawaii is possibly the next location, but more immediately, Sojibo Sawtelle shall be introducing a happy hour menu shortly. [GS]