Vesper Club In a Huff Over Racquet Club’s Ban on Smoking

Alive with pleasure!
Alive with pleasure! Photo: iStockPhoto

Randolph and Mortimer Duke, and all the other old codgers who still bother renewing their Vesper Club memberships are so mad right now that they could have smoke coming out of their ears! That is, if the private dining club’s landlord, the Racquet Club, hadn’t imposed ban on lighting up. When the Vespers were squeezed out of their old digs on Sydenham Street earlier this year, the club worked out a deal to cozy up with neighboring Racquet Club. Under the landlord-tenant arrangement, Vespers got their own dining facilitates, but shared a common bar space. Insider reports today that since the Racquet Club’s nixed smoking, Vepsers are crying that they are “under attack.” They’ve sent a letter to members urging them that keeping memberships up to date, and to making more frequent visits to the club is “critical” to its survival. Yeah, you know what else would help ensure the club survives? Urging the dwindling membership to quit smoking. [Insider]