Slideshow: See The Clout Dripping From These Pictures of the Del Frisco’s VIP Party


Oh yeah, you and your precious little farm to table restaurant with 22 seats made from an old barn. Chicago wasn’t built by artisanal sunchokes. It was built by men who wrestled steaks the size of an entire Guatemalan village out of cattle and ate them, raw, on the spot, or something like that. We don’t even know what we’re talking about here but these pictures we were sent of a VIP party Del Frisco’s, the massive (bigger than Smith & Wollensky’s and III Forks combined) steakhouse in the old Esquire Theater building, threw just ooze power, and clout, and skyscrapers and patronage jobs and all the things that built Chicago and made it great. The party was on November 29th, in part it benefited the Big Shoulders Fund, and it drew a very exclusive list of just enough people to fill a 23,000-square foot restaurant, 1,100 to be precise. Some of the most notable people are shown in posed shots, and though we haven’t actually heard of any of them, we can just tell they could buy and sell us in two seconds flat. This is the real world, people, and the real world eats steak. Check it out below.