Skid Row Gets Treatment in Gingerbread

Pouring some out for gingerbread King Eddy's
Pouring some out for gingerbread King Eddy's Photo: WetCraft/Flickr

This Saturday, artist and food stylist Sienna DeGovia will kick the traditional gingerbread house out on to the streets, as she constructs an edible model of L.A.’s Skid Row in the window display of Downtown’s Craft in America Study Center as part of its ongoing three-part series, “Good Enough to Eat: the Fusion of Food and Craft.” The performance is free to attend, though canned food donations are encouraged. Kids are welcome, too, just as long as they can stomach seeing gingerbread men passed out in pools of hurled Cisco and hitting the candy cane crack stem. [CiA via LAist]