Shiprock Pop-Up Brings Navajo Tacos to South Philly For One Night

Shiprock Photo: Shiprock

There may be a million tacos in the naked city — veggie, tongue, carnitas, brains, gluten free, you name it. But almost never the Native American phenomenon of Navajo tacos. That is until now. Beef jerky impresario Marco Espinoza (aka Fidel Gastro) is teaming up with La Calaca Feliz chef Lucio Palazzo and wiener artist Hawk Krall for a one-night pop-up on December January 21, where the seldom seen taco variation, which also goes by fry bread, will take center stage. Dubbed Shiprock after a reservation town in the Navajo Nation, the pop-up will present an a la carte menu that includes mutton stew, meat and vegetarian Navajo taco options, and a traditional sweet fry bread dessert. For that final course, Mr. Krall has created a limited series of prints that will be on sale. It all takes place at 12 Steps Down, and starts at 9 p.m.

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