Scott Walton Leaving Markethouse For Unnamed Project to Open in Spring

Scott Walton in the Doubletree's rooftop garden.
Scott Walton in the Doubletree's rooftop garden. Photo: courtesy Scott Walton via Facebook

Here’s one from late last week to put on the radar to watch for later in 2013. MarketHouse is the restaurant in the Doubletree Hotel just off the Magnificent Mile, and it could easily be a generic hotel restaurant if not for the fact that they went out and hired a guy with serious farm to table inclinations; besides sourcing from good farmers and winning a spot on this list, Scott Walton started an in-house charcuterie business which was doing a serious trade in to-go sausages. Well, it’s no surprise that somebody spotted him as a guy who deserves a bigger showcase in this pork-lovin’ town. We don’t know what that will be yet… but we know we’re interested. Walton’s Facebook announcement is below.

Many of you know Markethouse has been my home, my life for the past 4 years. And it was a great 4 years. I’m grateful to everyone I met along the way; peers and wonderful patrons. I’m happy to announce that I am moving on to bigger and better things, a new challenge. A great challenge. New opening early spring. Details to follow! I hope to see everyone at my new place, ready to enjoy great food and good times.

[Facebook via 312 Dining Diva]