Watch Roy Choi and Eddie Huang Share Tacos at Guisado’s

Homiez4Life Photo: Vice

New York chef Eddie Huang is back in L.A. this week for part two of a three part series that finds him exploring the city’s eating scene for Vice (which just deemed our fair burg “the undisputed worst place in the world”–blame those ding-dongs at Diablo Taco). In this episode, Huang hangs out in Boyle Heights with Roy Choi, who could probably help the BaoHaus chef chisel those offensively doughy arms then point him to a better tattoo artist/gold dealer (or is that just our fake-ass L.A. “materialism” showing its true colors?). Instead, their time is spent attempting complicated handshakes and talking like two mystical homies before inspecting the pig parts at a carniceria on Cesar Chavez and going through the masa-making process. Naturally, the guys find extra time to share their feelings of displacement as first-generation Asian Americans, ‘cuz that’s what friends are fooor! Anyway, they chow down on a few tacos at Guisado’s and generally commit to a life as longtime companions. Check out the two urban taco fabricators in this video below.

Los Angeles - Part 2: Fresh Off the Boat [Vice]